Who we are
The betro mission

The Betro Simone mission comes down to one thing- confidence.

Confidence in what you’re wearing, and how you feel when you’re wearing it.

We’re the opposite of fast fashion- every Betro garment is created under the roof of our LA headquarters, where we sweat every single detail. Here, we loom our own sustainable fabrics to the incredible softness we demand, and hone each pattern to the millimeter, so it drapes perfectly across the body. Everything is cut and sewn in-house, by workers who are fairly compensated for their skills and creativity. 

We obsess over every detail because we want you to feel confident about every aspect of your purchase. You can feel sure that it’s going to feel incredible against you skin, and that when you walk into a room wearing Betro Simone, Heads are going to turn.

It’s not enough for us to make clothing that’s comfortable, or sexy, or versatile. We’re doing all those things and more. We’re making timeless, elevated wardrobe essentials for the woman who brings confidence to everything she does.

our people

Betro Simone is on a mission to make you feel as good as you look. Every piece is cut to worship every curve of your body, and crafted with luxe fabrics that feel amazing on your skin. In every size and style, we’ve designed these pieces down to the millimeter to drape in the most flattering way possible, giving you a flawless stage to show off that magnificent bod of yours.

We believe there is beauty in every body, and we created these pieces to bring out the best in yours. Whether you’re showing some skin, or throwing on a gorgeous base layer, these styles can be relied upon to give you the confidence you deserve.

Designed to bring out the beauty in everyone. #babesinbetro


Every piece is an experience

We start with insanely soft, house-loomed fabrics that will never leave you wondering where they came from or what might be lurking within them. When you feel that cozy hug against your skin, know it’s pure fabric that’s coming from a very good place. (Los Angeles!)  

Then, we design, cut, and sew them with frankly ridiculous attention to every little detail, so they are sure to make you feel beautiful and amazing—because you are.

Lastly, we pack them with love and send them straight to you with the hope that when you open the package you’ll feel as happy about receiving it as we feel about making it. 

Our whole “thing” is about giving you a designer experience and designer quality, without the crazy—and let’s be honest, unnecessary—designer prices. 

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