A sexy, versatile and
modern racer tank
style bodysuit

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Love Your Body

We believe there is beauty in every body, and we created these pieces to bring out the best in yours. Whether you’re showing some skin, or throwing on a gorgeous base layer, these styles can be relied upon to give you the confidence you deserve. 

Wardrobe Essentials

You can tell these pieces are from LA, because they offer that signature SoCal combination of laid back comfort and endless possibilities. Use them as the dependable base layer of a show-stopping look, or wear alone for a sexy, understated silhouette that’s as at home at the farmer’s market as it is at the club. 


We hope you’re ready for a commitment because you can count on your purchase taking up residence in your closet for a long time. Each garment is sustainably crafted to last, sewn from high-quality fabrics, and designed to far outlive whatever trend is trying to distract us at the moment.

What women like you are saying about Betro Simone bodysuits

Betro Simone is on a mission to make you feel as good as you look.
Every piece is cut to worship every curve of your body

This bodysuit is my absolute fav! The fabric is soft
and fits perfectly. I pair it with my favorite pair of
jeans or skirt. It’s versatile and I would definelty
buy it in multiple colors. It shipped quickly and
arrived in nice packaging, wrapped in tissue
paper. A must have!

- Karina Garcia

This henley is made with a fine ribbed fabric that
has a soft brushed feel. There’s a lot of stretch so
down if between sizes. Overall it’s a very nice,
sexy bodysuit with a 2-snap crotch. Defintely a

- Stephanie Stevens

I love this bodysuit. It has a flattering neck shape
and shows just enough. Every time I wear it out
people stop me to ask what I’m wearing. The
fabric is smooth with a slight shine to it. It’s
offered in black, white, and nude. The perfect
colors for closet staples.

- McKenzie Wilson

Your New wardrobe MVP
(Most Valuable Piece)

Shop The Madison Bodysuit

Show off those shoulders with a sexy racer tank cut to perfection, The Madison bodysuit flatters the whole body with a perfectly tight, tucked-in look and a high-cut leg that will have you feeling yourself before you’re even done getting dressed. Easy snap openings and a no-show thong make this a bodysuit with no downside. 

Made with our specially knitted  Luxe 2x1 Rib, the Madison is built to last, without future breakdown and piling. This fabric is soft, drapey, and lightweight with a high recovery meant to beautifully hug the curves of all body types.

The Betro mission comes down to one thing: Confidence!

We’re the opposite of fast fashion—every Betro garment is created under the roof of our LA headquarters, where we sweat every single detail. Here, we loom our own sustainable fabrics to the incredible softness we demand, and hone each pattern to the millimeter, so it drapes perfectly across the body. Everything is cut and sewn in-house, by workers who are fairly compensated for their skills and creativity. 

We obsess over every detail because we want you to feel confident about every aspect of your purchase. You can feel sure that it’s going to feel incredible against your skin, and that when you walk into a room wearing Betro Simone, heads are going to turn. 

It’s not enough for us to make clothing that’s comfortable, or sexy, or versatile. We’re doing all those things and more. We’re making timeless, elevated wardrobe essentials for the woman who brings confidence to everything she does.

Body con with Confidence

Shop The Madison Bodysuit

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Body worship starts here

Betro Simone is on a mission to make you feel as good as you look. Every piece is cut to worship every curve of your body, and crafted with luxe fabrics that feel amazing on your skin.

In every size and style, we’ve designed these pieces down to the millimeter to drape in the most flattering way possible.Whether you’re showing some skin, or throwing on a gorgeous base layer, these styles can be relied upon to give you the confidence you deserve

Meet your wardrobe essentials

This chic, clean and modern tank-style bodysuit mixes it up with an unexpected, semi-square neckline.

A thong-style back means you’ve got nothing to hide, so go ahead and layer it under anything, from a smart blazer to a form-fitting mini skirt.

Made from our Luminous Jersey, it feels amazingly smooth and silky against the skin, with great stretch and recovery to flatter every body type.

Sustainability Crafted in Los Angeles

Betro Simone is a modern brand with an old fashioned way of making clothing. We took a look at how today’s clothes are made and set out to do

better. Better for the environment, the workers, and the customer. It’s not easy, it’s not fast, and it’s not cheap. But nothing worth doing is. Here are some of the ways we’re crafting high-quality pieces with less impact on the earth:

We Keep it Local: Here’s what makes us different. Our entire process happens in one Los Angeles neighborhood. This is where we loom our fabrics from high-quality, sustainable materials before it goes our home office where we design the clothes, create the patterns, sew the garments, and place them in a box that gets shipped to your door. Our head quarters is a clothing factory, a design atelier, occasional photoshoot location and hangout spot for our tight knit staff. Keeping it local means we leave a much smaller footprint on the earth.

Our Fabrics: Less shippping means less carbon. We create the fabric right here in Los Angeles, so instead of a long, fuel burning trip across the ocean, it comes from a mill right down the street where we manufacutre it.

Quality for the Long Term: The Betro garment isn’t a mass-market good, made to be tosed aside once the season changes. We’re here for a good time, and for a long time. Pick a few key pieces and let them live in your wardrobe —not the landfill—for years to come.